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Our approach to remodeling and design

There is nothing quite as personal as remodeling your home, so we at JK Design + Development take a personalized approach. We don’t just renovate and remodel your space. We create long-lasting professional relationships that you can rely on. Each project is approached differently, customized to fit each client’s specifications and desires. The projects we focus on are full home remodels, kitchen and bathroom renovations, home additions, and interior design. 

Our team at JK Design + Development is always sure to stay connected with our clients during every stage of the project. We take pride in the relationships we form with our clients and are there for all their needs, no matter what they are. Know that we will personalize each aspect of the project, from the planning stages through the project's completion, to your exact specifications. 

Home renovations


JK Design + Development was created to give clients the homes of their dreams. Whether you have bought a home as an investment property and are looking to spruce it up or would like to remodel your existing property, our team knows how to provide you with expertly customized services. We let you take the lead and tell us exactly what you want your home to become. Even though we are the ones doing the work, you are the one who is in control. 

Kitchens and bathrooms


Our personal approach expands to all aspects of our business and is what JK Design + Development is built on. You deserve to have a home that is everything you have ever wanted and get it in the way that best suits your needs. Seeing the look on our clients’ faces once we have completed transforming their property is one of the most rewarding parts of the job and is something we especially see after kitchen renovations. 

The kitchens most commonly seen today are expansive, with clean lines, open views, and abundant storage. This may be what you are looking for in your kitchen, or you want to go in a completely new direction. No matter what, we will give you a personalized remodeling experience that you will always remember and that will allow you to enjoy your home in new ways. 

As for bathrooms, they are equally important areas in the home that can sometimes be overlooked but are no less important for your and your family's comfort. A fully remodeled bathroom can add elegance and value to your property and give you a place of comfort and luxury. Our team will be able to talk you through all the available options, discuss all the design styles that interest you, and talk about expanding the bathrooms themselves or adding storage, et cetera. 

We could add natural light and heated floors, bring in technology such as Bluetooth speakers within the recessed lights, or anything else you desire. Our JK Design + Development experts understand that you need a personally designed and carried out remodeling, as your home is one of the most valuable investments and deserves to be treated with the utmost care. 

Home additions


Many clients find that as the years have gone on, they need more space than is currently available. Instead of moving to a new property, stay in the home you have come to love, but allow us to add to it. No matter where on the property you would like an addition, the size and design of the addition, or your desired timeline, our team will be able to personalize our renovating services to fit your needs. We can add living space above the garage, custom-build in-law apartments, add rooms off of the kitchen or living room, and more. JK Design + Development knows how to get you the home additions you are looking for in the exact way that you want. 

Interior design services


We personalize more than our remodeling services. We also provide customized interior design services that can fit in with any desired aesthetic. When working with our expert interior designers, you will be able to give input on every aspect of the project, including the overall design, plans, accents, colors, and more. 

Work with us


If you are looking for a design and remodeling company that works with you to give you the home you want using a team that is reliable and sticks to the schedule, then look no further than JK Design + Development.

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