Interior Design

Interior Design

When you use JK Design + Development for your interior design needs, you can be assured that you will be working with the best in the industry. Helping our clients create the home of their dreams is one of our greatest passions, and the relationships that we form with our clients during the process are incredibly strong. When you are about to have home renovations done, you should be able to feel listened to and trust that your home is in good hands. No matter what stage of the project is currently underway, we will always be in contact to let you know how it is coming along and what the next steps are. 


Many clients are looking for interior design assistance that is all-encompassing, while others are looking for more subtle help. No matter if you have owned your home for years or mere weeks, any space can benefit from professional styling, and we are always up for the task. We can fully design your interior for you, provide assistance with selections, or help you pick out and style the perfect furniture for each room. Whatever it is you are looking for, our interior designers have expert experience with listening to clients’ needs and making their visions come to life. 

Choosing a theme

There are endless design possibilities for your home interior, which makes the process all the more exciting! You could have one cohesive theme throughout the entire home, making each room a continuation of the other, creating a story that moves through the spaces. Or, you could have each room be a different, yet complementing, style that showcases your personality through color choices and accessories. It can be overwhelming to decorate an interior on your own, but we are more than happy to take away all that stress and leave you free to explore your creative spirit. 


Even when it comes to the smaller details, they all come together to tie a room together. There

Are hundreds of options to choose from, all of which we will be there to help you look through. For example, we can help you decide on which plumbing fixtures and bathroom tile to use in order to give your space a fresh and clean look. The style of the lighting fixtures and cabinetry in both the bathrooms and kitchen can make a huge impact on the overall feeling of the space and can complement these rooms' existing integrity. As for flooring, paint colors, and wallpaper, we can help with those too. They are more obvious interior design elements that set the stage for your home, and there are so many beautiful combinations that we will be able to explore together. 

Deciding on furniture and accessories

One of the most exciting parts of interior design is choosing the perfect furniture and expertly positioning the carefully selected accessories. Choosing furniture is more than just color and style; it's also about having pieces that fit nicely with the size of the room while being placed in a way that creates an easy flow in your space. Whether you are looking to fully refurnish your home with new furniture or incorporate pieces that you already own, we will be able to give you a design that is both beautiful and functional. Focusing on projects that encompass the entire home is our specialty, so you will never have to worry about a job that is too big. We are always prepared to assist our clients with every project they throw our way.


Accessories, even small ones, can affect the way your interior decoration comes together. No matter if you prefer minimalism, maximalism, or anything in between, we understand the importance of choosing accessories that are nothing short of exceptional. They allow your personality to shine through your space while remaining a subtle feature that doesn’t take over the room. We could pick out all new accessories together, bring your treasured items into the space, or you could have our design team take the lead on the project. Having your space turn out perfect is always our priority, so we will happily accommodate your wants and needs. 

Ways we can help 

When you use our remodeling and interior design services, you will always receive the best quality work possible. Your remodeling projects will feature custom built-ins and millwork that will expertly showcase the new designs, truly giving your home a new look. Your home will be a place that you look forward to returning to at the end of the day and will be eager to show off to your friends and family. 


Not only will your space be a place for relaxation and entertainment, but you can enjoy knowing that our remodels and designs are done cleanly in order to reduce dust and other allergens that otherwise would have entered the air. This way, you can be comfortable with all aspects of the project, not just the look of it.


There is truly an endless list of ways in which we can transform your space, no matter what your property looks like at the start. We are able to remove load-bearing walls in order to open up your space and better show off the new designs, completely renovate and redecorate the entire home, bring a historic property back to life, and so on. 


Interior design can completely change the way you enjoy your home life and can give you a new house without you having the hassle of moving. It is an opportunity to express yourself creatively by playing with color combinations, elegant patterns, and luxurious art. We are committed to making your dreams come true and removing as much stress as possible, so you enjoy every step of the project. 


If you are interested in interior design services or remodeling your home, please do not hesitate to contact our expert team at JK Design + Development. We are ready to take this next step with you and give you the interior design of your dreams.

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